Happy Birthday Penelope !


We got to spend today with a Birthday girl!!! & How cute is this party?!  Holly Horton did such a wonderful job!

and yupp he’s officially a stander!!!



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I have absolutely no idea how this happened but we have a 10 month old!

He is my prize. He is so easy-going, smiling constantly, crawling like a pro, taking steps, feeds himself, seems to like Elmo, & dumping daddy’s socks out are his favorite pass time.

Also, to cheer this guy up he LOVES having his feet sniffed and telling him how stinky he is. Typical boy :p

We will have a ONE yr old on our hands in no time. eeeeeps!!

OH Happy Day!!!

I’m a bit behind on updating my blog here… but we are finally tying the knot!

Chad proposed to me during a sweet little morning balloon ride over Cave Creek Arizona. When we were on the ground waiting for the balloon crew,  he nonchalantly suggested we walk towards this cactus in the desert to check it out. I definitely was not expecting what was to follow. He soon began to look at me with puppy dog eyes, started to shake a bit and reach into his jacket pocket, kneeling down. The actual proposal was short and sweet, and funny enough I forgot to say yes. haha.

In complete shock and my hands over my face we embraced for a good while, then walked back to the group. We were treated to some yummy mimosas, strawberries, and little cinnamon rolls. It was the cutest thing ever, & the day was absolutely perfect !

Happy XO Day

I am still a sucker for Valentine’s Day. I love the cheesy decor, red, pink, cupid, wings, hearts, aspect of it all. The funny thing is that when it comes to the actual day… we never really do anything special. I am generally okay with this, especially when my birthday is Feb. 10th.

This year was a big year for me as I turned 30!!!

& I am OH SO excited to celebrate all my birthdays here on out with my little family.