Our LONG AWAITED Engagement photos!

We chose to do our Engagement/Family photos with a friend Jamie Allio at the amazing Goldfield Ghost Town about 15 minutes east of us. We love how they represent our home state and all of the great spots this place has!

We have officially chosen a wedding date MARCH 5th 2016! & we have already said “yes” to our venue! Our wedding parties have been chosen as well. Next on the list is Save The Dates, which are in my hands, just waiting to be in envelopes and sent to some of our wonderful friends and family! My nice friend Sierra that I worked with at Shutterfly was gracious enough and much too kind and gave us some family/friends coupon codes which helped out TREMENDOUSLY. I am already forever grateful for her kindness and the few friends that have already stepped forward in helping our wedding come to life without the huge price tag! I wish I could share more information about the details of the special day as far as decor and vendors, but I am one for surprises! So I am a little torn at the moment on what to share and what not to.

Anyways, here is a link to this photographer’s website http://jamieallio.com !


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