Thankful for my Turkey Boy

I am already learning how much more fun the holidays can be with the new guy around. He loves to be held by everyone and tried mashed potatoes for the first time. Atlas is 4 months old, pictured below with his cousin Hailey, Uncle Cory. My party mama is pictured with my niece Hailey as well.

To keep this short and sweet ( my M.O.) I am incredibly thankful for having such an amazing family on mine & Chad’s side. We are truly loved and so very blessed!


Mommy’s Little Mummy

Little guy’s first Halloween was a ghoulish success. We went to Auntie Holly’s neighborhood, and had a nice time in their neighbors’ driveway handing out candy and stuffing our faces of course.

Atlas was the cutest undead I ever did lay my eyes on, and that statement was confirmed by many others ::wink face:: His costume was surprisingly super easy to make and cost less than $10.00!

Hope everyone else had a terrifyingly good night!!!