38 Weeks Maternity Photos With Chad

I was terrified I would pop before we got a chance to get together to take some big belly pics with Chaddy. Butttttttttt, we made it! Quite a relief. 38 weeks feeling 54 weeks hah! After sorting through the pics its honestly frustrating & funny to see we somehow forgot to smile in most of our photos. Seems to be an ongoing problem even in such a happy time in our lives! Or just one of us looks a little goofy wonky eyed. lol. Anyways, don’t let our serious faces fool you!

My sister asked if we could be to her house by noon to take the photos. As we walk into the house we were greeted by my whole family. Ten minutes later is a knock on the door from the “pizza guy”. Which turned out to be my Uncle Jeff from Virginia ( whom I haven’t seen in about 5 yrs ) balloon, and gift in hand. What a wonderful little surprise party and coordination by all!

It was so nice to be able to spend some time, eat some delicccccccccious food, watch my crazy nieces put on a show, all before the little dude comes


Here we are 10 days before the due date. Although it seems like its been a long ride already, it really does feel like I was just announcing we were going to be parents for the first time.