Photographing Newborns

My goodness photographing newborns are the easiest,most nerve racking thing ever. So much preparation involved, and honestly I am not very confident about handling/posing other peoples’ newborn children just yet. This session went terribly well tho. hehe. This little 9 day old baby slept and slept and slept. I got so lucky! Here are just a few photos from a few days ago. Meet baby Jax.

Needless to say I CANNOT WAIT to meet my own little baby boy!


Feeling Loved


I received indeed a gift of love from my Auntie Bec Bec & {not so little} cousins in the mail today. In the card they reminded me that these same books will soon bring us precious memories as they did her and her kiddos. Needless to say I am teary eyed. I love my family & how excited they are for mine to start!