Cotton Fields Forever

Cotton fields are just beautiful. I somehow convinced Chaddy to dress up & take some photos with me. Sitting in traffic on our way to the spot we lost a lot of sunlight but tried to make it work!


Unicorn Kisses

Well here we are in costume! Chad didn’t think he would do Prince any justice, but man was he a huge hit. We spent 2 dollars on his black temporary hair color spray and got the rest of his costume believe it or not out of my closet! Funny thing is that I have never worn the leather pants, and they fit him so wonderfully ::giggle::

I made my little gold corn/horn and ears out of clay, the leg and arm warmers out of material from SaS, the wig from Ebay, the gold arm wrist bands (hooves) our of thick glitter craft paper from Michael’s, & the dress I wore New Years from Forever 21. Good thing the party we attended was just as fun as our costumes.