Could this be earth, could this be light ?

Knit Duster – Forever 21
Abstract Bralette – Urban Renewal
Thrifted Cutoff Shorts- Harley Davidson
Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell {Studio WV}
Trying to squeeze in some more of my teensy weentsy clothes before it gets too coldy outside. That doesn’t usually happen til the end of October here in Arizona (if we’re lucky). Also, believe it or not these are my very first pair of JC’s!! I know…where have I been?? Well unfortunately ::and with all honesty:: I haven’t had 200 bucks to blow on a pair, and I knew if I was patient I would stumble across a pair in my budget.These babes were $30.00!!! ( in perfect condition might I add ) I would like to thank the store Last Chance, you rock my world!

Love my Nieces to Pieces


happybdaycake-0429cillibday-0409 presentschadnadcilli

They are getting so unbelievably big and more beautiful every time I see them. They are my little best friends and my heart just melts just hearing their sweet little voices.

Too bad my flash broke a few weeks ago ::sadface::, because as per normal the girls were running all over the place I could hardly find them let alone get a nice un-blurry photo. But, how cute are the purple and pink haired Mermaid babies I found for them?! When I was a little one I would always get anything and everything in purple and my sister Holly would get everything in pink, just carrying on the tradition! & lastly I just love how enthused my Chadwick looks in his cutesy crown! baha.

Anyways, my belly is still full of cheese pizza and I was happy to see my family. Happiest of Birthdays to these two sisters!


Blue Dress Daze


I noticed it’s been about 2 months since I’ve worn an actual pair of jeans. & that’s quite all right with me!! To be honest I am more of a second-hand diva and I get a huge thrill out of finding super cute clothes for crazy cheap prices. That usually means I have to wait til everyone is done wearing their $800 dollar jeans, donates em…and then I come along and scoop em up. teehee. The dress was $6.50 From Heritage and the shoes are Bongo ($10.00). Nothing feels more girly than some lace and some good ole mary janes.

Happy Weekend!

Where Have You Been All My Life?

heavensentcolorfuldress1-0291 frontandbackdress

My ears perked up after hearing my boyfriend utter the words “I think I wanna go shopping.” So what is a girl to do besides take their man by the hand to find some new threads, and maybe do a little window shopping themselves? hah. Well as you see above I did a little more than {window} shop. My eyeballs perdy much jumped outta my face when I stumbled across this piece of amazingness. Although I am sooo ready for fall, I have not a care in the world that this is more of a springy dress.
 I snagged it up at the Buffalo Exchange over in Tempe for a whopping $11.50!!! Once I got it home I examined it in awe seeing that it is beautifully handmade. Long story short I LOVE LOVE LOVe IT!!! Pictures in it soooon!