Atlas the Water hose bully.

This wild animal is 14months old today.
He is the world’s best eater ( obsessed with veggies), he always wants to be outside, kissin’ the dogs, loves to hang onto mama’s leg, and sqreech like a Pterodactyl. Our favroite thing is him grabbing our hands and leading us somewhere.

A stranger told me the other day “he sure lights up a room, with that smile.” I LOVE hearing that… I also love learning all of the new little personality quirks he seems to develop daily!



Filmed & Edited by proud Mom & Dad.

Atlas’ first year has been bittersweet, amazing, and unbelievably fast.

We waited so long for the gift of parenthood, and he has truly shown us a different kind of love, patience, and happiness.

We are overjoyed to be able to share his first year’s tidbits & milestones, and many more to come with our loving family from out of state, and friends who have also shown us so much love and tremendous support.

We love our smiley lovable Atlas Dean.


And so it is… Our Little Frog Prince is officially ONE YEAR OLD! Yes time flies. :: pouty sad face :: Once you become a parent you really know the true meaning of that saying and never stop repeating it. Realizing I will never have those newborn cuddles and coos is hard, but watching my little human grow, learn, laugh and love is the most rewarding. I keep reminding myself that I’ve traded those newborn coos for tickle fights & blowing raspberries on each others tummies. If it weren’t apparent, I love the gift of mommyhood. Thank you Atlas for choosing us to be your folks, you’ve made us so proud!!!

Ps. Prepare for more sappy “Atlas turning ONE” and cake smash posts! Hehe

HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY my shining star! 🌟👑🐸


Pinch me. They can’t be real. 💛Happy First Father’s Day to my heartthrob !!. I always knew he would be a great dad but it’s still the absolute greatest to watch it all unfold. His love and patience, tickles and cuddles are what this dad is made of ! Also, photos of Daddy and Attie and the adventures we go on will ALWAYS be plentiful! I will make sure of it 😉


Our LONG AWAITED Engagement photos!

We chose to do our Engagement/Family photos with a friend Jamie Allio at the amazing Goldfield Ghost Town about 15 minutes east of us. We love how they represent our home state and all of the great spots this place has!

We have officially chosen a wedding date MARCH 5th 2016! & we have already said “yes” to our venue! Our wedding parties have been chosen as well. Next on the list is Save The Dates, which are in my hands, just waiting to be in envelopes and sent to some of our wonderful friends and family! My nice friend Sierra that I worked with at Shutterfly was gracious enough and much too kind and gave us some family/friends coupon codes which helped out TREMENDOUSLY. I am already forever grateful for her kindness and the few friends that have already stepped forward in helping our wedding come to life without the huge price tag! I wish I could share more information about the details of the special day as far as decor and vendors, but I am one for surprises! So I am a little torn at the moment on what to share and what not to.

Anyways, here is a link to this photographer’s website !